Prisma / Art Light Tech takes light as its raw material creating a script of artistic works in the public space


Every October, this two nights long festival event is full of surprises inviting everyone to explore and (re) discover the city of Aveiro through a new light: the light of art, creativity and inventive-ness. Under the motto “Just get lost in Aveiro” the festival combines artistic projections, installations, light works, contemporary site-specific artworks along with the competitions and workshops. 

Prisma / Art Light Tech makes an important contribution to the growth of the creative industries in Aveiro, with actions that promote cooperation between creatives, students, artists and companies. Moreover, it fosters a contribution to good environmental management, drawing attention to energy efficiency and inviting the use of soft modes of mobility. Prisma/ Art Light Tech is part of the programme of the Aveiro TECH WEEK -  a week dedicated to technology and culture - together with the Criatech and TechDays Aveiro. 


Festival is organised by

Teatro Aveirense

Artistic Director

José Pina


T: +351234400920
R.Belém do Pará,
3810-009 Aveiro

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