One of the most prestigious festivals in the country and region taking over the old town of Budva


Festival “Theatre City” is one the most prestigious cultural manifestations in the country and region, founded in 1987, under the patronage of the Municipality of Budva. 

This festival is rebuilding the Mediterranean spirit of the Old Town. Each and every one of its squares and piazzas, but also parts of the town that are outside of the old-town’s center are changed into open scenes, on which every visitor and passer-by can become a participant of the artistic act. Since it is an integral part of tourist offering of the city, the “Theatre City” and Budva as well became an indispensable destination not just to ordinary tourists but also to cultural-tourists. Each year, more than 15.000 people visit the festival.

For our plays, we are using interesting and numerous scenes – squares, churches, ancient basilica, which are all located in the heart of the Old Town of Budva. For specific plays and in order to try to fulfill director’s artistic vision, we like to invest other venues. Beaches, sacral complexes, old fortifications around Budva and authentic natural rural environment are locations that we are proud to have occupied and continue to explore.

In this 35 years of existing, we are proud to have produced 75 co-productions, 4 monographs, and 5 CDs.

The most famous plays from the production workshop of “Theatre City”, done independently or in cooperation with renowned theatres from country and region - such as “Tartuffe”, “Kanjoš Macedonović”, “False Czar Šćepan the Small”, “Waiting for Godot”, “Karolina Nojber”, “Banović Strahinja”, “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “The Path of Jegor”, “Konte Zanović”, “Montenegrins”, “The Tempest”, “Hamlet”, “Caligula”, “La Dispute”, “Othello”, “The Cherry Orchard”, “Zorba the Greek”, “The Divine Comedy”, “Brawling in Chioggia”, ”Julius Caesar”, “Autumn Sonata”, “Bloody weddings”,”Celestina” etc. - are with its innovative approach already recognised as plays that changed tendencies in theatre life in the region. 

Music, arts and literary programmes are also integral parts of “Theatre City”.

“Santa Maria in Punta”, the main exhibition space, has been presenting works of many artists from the region.

Music programme was formed as a great festival within “Theatre City”. Some of the names that performed at this Festival are: Stefan Milenković, Aleksandar Madžar, Choir “Collegium Musicum”, “Gasteig Trio”, Hose Luis Villa-Gomes, Ištvan Remer, Stjepko Gut Quartet, Jovan Kolundžija, Jovan Jovičić,  Jadranka Jovanović, Alen Fraser, Marina Jashvili, “Amadinda”, Evelyn Czesla, Ensemble “Theodora Baka”, Javier Nunez, Choir “Viva Vox”, Nemanja Radulović, Nigel and Lina Rogers, Maria Jonas, Toshinori Ozaki, Miroslav Tadić, Vlatko Stefanovski, Polina Osetinskaja, Vladimir Viardo, Aleksandar Rudin, Al Di Meola, Lajko Feliks, China Moses, Laibach, Bojan Suđić, Boris Kraljević, Bojan Martinović,  Aleksej Ljubimov and many others.

A special highlight of this festival is the literary manifestation entitled “Poet’s Square”. It is a unique meeting between literary creators and audiences. Imagined as a place to present new structures, poetics, methods and publishing enterprises, “Poet’s Square” gets its conclusive meaning by establishing a dialogue between the creators, interpreters and audiences, whether by reading texts out loud or by live dialogue.



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