Wonderfeel is a three-day outdoor festival for classical music, but with a pop festival’s unconstrained atmosphere.


Wonderfeel is the biggest outdoor festival for classical music of Europe, with over 100 performances by more than 500 musicians, playing for almost 10,000 visitors over the course of 3 days. 

The 60-acre nature reserve in ‘s-Graveland that is our home hosts seven Wonderfeel stages, all at a short walk’s distance. The diverse stages will satisfy your musical desires, from baroque to minimal, from classical hits to new and unique sounds, solo or symphonic, with touches of jazz, pop, and non-Western music. All of this played by world-class international musicians, whether new talents or old hands. Wonderfeel also hosts art disciplines that are part of the same world as (classical) music, such as dance, musical theater, poetry, literature, and musical documentaries. Walks through nature, yoga, and various activities for children make the program complete. Wonderfeel feels like a pop festival, thanks to its parallel programming, rolling kitchens, the sale of day tickets, and its camping site within walking distance of the festival grounds. This means the festival has a unique place among classical music festivals, and brings a new experience of classical music to the table.



Tamar Brüggemann


E: info@wonderfeel.nl
T: +31 (0)653834029
Heuvellaan 33,
1217 JL Hilversum (NL)
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