De Bijloke is an architectural marvel in the historic centre of Ghent. The site combines a 13th century grand hall with modern architecture. De Bijloke is a must-visit place for internationals who love classical music, jazz, contemporary arts and architecture. 

With a sensitive eye for social and cultural evolutions, De Bijloke is an internationally oriented artistic creation and presentation place where artists and audiences meet, inspire and challenge each other.

De Bijloke presents art music in a dynamic way, from musical heritage to the innovative contemporary canon, in pure concert form and in interaction with other arts. It stimulates young talent and encourages artistic experimentation and innovation.

De Bijloke is an open house which actively seeks to receive and connect all population groups without cultural, ethnic, social, religious, demographic or economic distinction. As a music education centre, it stimulates young people, from the very youngest to adolescents.

De bijloke (co-)organises various festivals such as: 

  • Côté Jardin
  • Bijloke Wonderland
  • Big Little Music
  • Ear to the Ground
  • Various thematic festivals
  • Big Bang
  • Gent Jazz
  • Flanders Festival
  • All Arias


General Director

Geert Riem


E: tickets@debijloke.be
T: +31 09 269 92 92
Bijlokekaai 7,
9000 Ghent (Belgium)
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