Campania Teatro Festival is an international theatre festival with a strong interdisciplinary vision.


Campania Teatro Festival is an international theatre festival that takes place every year in Naples during June and July. Born in 2007, the event – created with the support of the Campania Region and organised by Fondazione Campania dei Festival – produces shows, supports theatrical writing, and promotes Naples’ places, artists and local expertise.

After Renato Quaglia, Luca De Fusco, and Franco Dragone, since 2017 the artistic direction of the Festival has been entrusted to the writer, director, and actor Ruggero Cappuccio, who has started an art project involving eleven sections in the sign of multidisciplinarity. A programme open to innovative activities, such as the Observatory section and the Laboratory on the scenic arts, hubs that offer space and visibility to young and old alike, and support the companies’ production costs.

To bring the arts together in an interdisciplinary vision: in this sense should also be read the collaboration with Mimmo Paladino, who has been designing the Festival’s visual identity since 2017, transforming catalogues and promotional material into true objects of art. An organisation devoted to social and cultural growth on the international scene, Campania Teatro Festival promotes audience engagement through a well-thought pricing policy, which offers a full ticket at the price of 8 euros, reduced to 5 for the under 30, and free tickets for some social categories.


Artistic Director

Ruggero Cappuccio


T: 0039 (0)81 18199179
via Generale Giordano Orsini 30,
80132 Naples

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