Klanglichter connects tradition and innovation presenting classical chamber music concerts in the unique atmosphere of an old industrial building.

Since its beginning in 2015 Klanglichter stands for valuing, maintaining and passing on the big classical tradition in a modern venue, it takes place on an unusual stage and often combines music with other arts, like literature or dance. These elements attract a new kind of public, classical music lovers and experts are sitting next to newcomers to the musical experience. The intensity of live concerts is our priority, following Schumann’s inspiration "In every time there is a secret legacy of related souls. Close the circle tight, you that belong together, so that the truth of art can shine always brighter, spreading joy and blessing."

Music has the privilege to speak without words, it enables people to travel trough time and space: the programmes 2022 are REFLECTIONS of five different worlds that find expression through music.


  • …of Bach, 12.02.2022
  • …of life and love, 30.04.2022
  • …and connections, 25.06.2022
  • …of interpreters, 17.09.2022
  • …of sound worlds, 26.11.2022

Klanglichter takes place in the Obere Fabrik in Sissach, near Basel.


General Manager

Paola De Piante Vicin


E: info@klanglichter.ch
T: 0049 15256935281
Konzertgesellschaft Klanglichter,
4450 Sissach

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