SKUPI KamerFest is an international chamber music festival which aims to popularise classical music, while bringing diverse artists together to foster cultural exchange and understanding.


SKUPI KamerFest is a festival which is organised in the branches of chamber music in the classical music sphere since 2018.

The idea of the festival is that artists meet, merge, and have the opportunity to get to know other nations and cultures along with their traditions and get exposed to a variety of perspectives. At the same time, SKUPI KamerFest organises seminars and masterclasses for students, pupils and professional artists. The intention is to boost local composers by sharing their works with international artists and make a combination of both. This way the audience will be able to listen to the works of local composers that are interpreted by international artists for the first time.

The purpose of hosting the international chamber music festival SKUPI KamerFest is to promote classical chamber music on a larger scale, as a special chamber music genre and expression for the events in the scene. The festival aims to search for more creative ways of approaching classical music and contemporary music. Using various channels that have been current and attractive to most of the public in recent years, it strives to popularise classical music itself. 


General Manager

Lek Grubi

Artistic Director

Blerim Grubi


T: +389 70 697 363
Ronald Regan nr. 34,

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