RUTA festival brings theatre to all capitals of the states of the former federal republic of Yugoslavia


In the early summer of 2019, the Belgrade Drama Theatre started an initiative to establish the Regional Union of Theatres (RUTA), which consists of six representative theatre companies from the region - Croatia (Ulysses Theatre, Brioni), Slovenia (‘’Mestno gledalisce Ljubljansko,’’ Ljubljana), Bosnia and Herzegovina ( ''Chamber Theatre 55,’’ Sarajevo), Montenegro (City Theatre, Podgorica), North Macedonia (Drama Theatre, Skopje) and Serbia (Belgrade Drama Theatre) - united in an aesthetic, repertoire and organisational model. 

The Protocol for forming of the Union was signed on October 18, 2019, at the City Assembly of Belgrade, Serbia. "Representatives of the signatories from six met to institutionalise the idea of cooperation between related theatres from the region. The aim is to present mutual achievements and current topics and ideas in the field of art in the region through various forms of cooperation, and to implement different knowledge and achievements by working together," it is said in the preamble of the Protocol. 

Apart from the festivals that will be organised throughout the network in all the capitals of the states of the former federal republic of Yugoslavia, RUTA will also launch numerous coproductions and thus the exchange of creators. RUTA is unique in its model, which implies that the festival will periodically move to other member cities of the Union during one calendar year. Each theatre performs a production of its own choice. The festival has a revue character, and one of the goals is the yearly continuous presence of all theatres in front of the audience in the entire region. 

Belgrade Drama Theatre organised the first RUTA festival from December 1-6, 2019. It opened with the premiere of the play "Liliom" by Ferenc Molnár, directed by Ana Tomovic. 

The festival gathers many guests, who actively participate in encounters with the creators of the plays and exchange experiences not only regarding production but also the creative aspect, opinions on similarities and differences, and tendencies in the two most represented trends - on the one hand, the "director's theatre", and on the other, the support and promotion of the new drama theatre. 

After five years of constant development RUTA became one the most important festivals in the region. Not just as an example of the best art showcase, but also as an example of innovation, courage, education, friendship, collaboration and extremely well communication, confirming once more that networking through art has no boundaries. 

Slovenia - February
Montenegro - April
Bosnia and Herzegovina - May
Croatia - August
North Macedonia - October
Serbia - December


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