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Sweden Festivals is committed to the development of the festival format and its position in Swedish cultural life and is working to ensure that arts festivals play an evident part in Swedish cultural politics. Sweden Festivals gather and distribute festival knowledge to people in Sweden and abroad while promoting the exchange of ideas between festival organisers through training, workshops and cultural policy meetings The association is a European player who, through the European Festivals Association, has direct contact with 2000 festivals in 40 countries. Sweden Festivals offers a discount on international courses for young festival managers and collaborates with festival organisers in the Nordic and Baltic countries through the NordicBaltic Festival Platform. The association is the Swedish coordinator for the project "Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe", an European label campaign for festivals. And Sweden Festivals continues and expands its collaboration with the Swedish Composers Society and STIM to increase the amount of new Swedish music on festivals.

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Jan Ove Hafstad

Peter Eriksson

T: 0046 8-642 18 12
Dalagatan 34, c/o Eriksson,
S-113 24 Stockholm

Sweden Festivals