New artistic management of the Music Biennale Zagreb

25 January 2012

Eight very successful festivals, more accurately since the last century’s 19th Music Biennale Zagreb (MBZ) in 1997, and all the way to our 50th anniversary MBZ in 2011, Berislav Šipuš, in his function of the artistic director, created and realized the artistic content, transforming the impossible – dreams and fantasies into reality, into the festival programme and unforgettable experiences. However, the change of government in Croatia also brought change to the artistic management of our festival. So, as Šipuš moved from the Croatian Composers’ Society to the Ministry of Culture as the deputy minister, the artistic management of the MBZ was entrusted to the team Seletković-Đurović. Herewith, we would like to sincerely thank Berislav Šipuš for all the years of dedicated and consistent work on the MBZ and congratulate him on this new outreach in his career. Although very different in their musical activities, Krešimir Seletković and Frano Đurović, both experienced composers, professors at the Zagreb Music Academy and members of the Croatian Composers’ Society, have both been very much professionally and personally involved in our festival for years. Since he acted as the artistic advisor, Seletković is already acquainted with the MBZ work, while Đurović successfully took over the organization and artistic leadership of the Opatija Festival – MBZ’s younger sister – a couple of years back. We are confident to have yet another glorious MBZ before us (6.-13. April 2013), with plenty of interesting, new productions, new works, classics of the contemporary music, young and younger composers and performers, genres, some new turns and completely unexpected exits... the Biennale audience already knows that MBZ offers a festival platform for just about every experience of the contemporary music, and with a little help from the entire MBZ team, we hope the next generation audience will have the chance to discover the magic of this contemporary fifty-year-old.