Classical:NEXT for classical music professionals to take place 29 May to 1 June

11 March 2013

Classical:NEXT is the new, international, annual forum dedicated exclusively to classical music in all its variety, for all classical music professionals, including presenters. 750 delegates from more than 40 countries and 5 continents attended the first edition in Munich. This years’ event takes place in one of Europe’s classical music capitals, Vienna, from 29 May until 1 June. Classical:NEXT is complementary to specific sector and regional events. While many challenges are specific to a particular country or area of activity and are best discussed there, many others are shared across the spectrum, the most basic of which is "How to get people to really care about classical music?" and "Where can/should the genre go from here?". Get new perspectives on the bigger picture at Classical:NEXT. Our forum gives you the opportunity to meet not only your immediate peers and partners but representatives from all areas of the classical music business. New contacts in new regions can bring new opportunities for new cooperations. Our wellvisited, interactive conference sessions offer the possibility to explore new promotional tools, marketing strategies, business models and financing ideas. Find out what experiments are shaking up the live music scene internationally and determine which fit your needs. Discuss burning issues pertaining to the orchestra, the concert hall and winning new audiences. Gain insight about classical fans in Korea. Hear the do’s and don’ts of touring and marketing in China. Find out what potential sponsors want from the cultural sector, what arts professionals can offer businesses and how they can become less dependent on subsidy. Details on the entire 2013 conference programme are at The Classical:NEXT showcases feature unorthodox approaches to traditional repertoire as well as accessible, high-quality contemporary compositions to add a spark of “wow” to any concert season. Classical:NEXT aims to become a leading, annual showplace for presenting and discovering such work. Information on the 2013 showcase programme is at – Become part of the Classical:NEXT community! Register before 22 March to get the “guide rate”. You’ll have access to all areas of Classical:NEXT 2013 at the Austrian museum for Applied Arts (MAK). Your registration will also put you in contact with more than 1000 classical professionals via our year-round online database and delegate promotional tool, C:N NET. And please inform your network! Classical:NEXT is based on “user generated content”, YOUR content. It is a promising work in progress with vast potential - take advantage of it and make Classical:NEXT your plattform to shape the future of live classical music.