ISPA Academy to take place on 17/18 June in Wroclaw

26 April 2013

The 2013 ISPA June Congress entitled “The Next Chapter” will take place in Wrocław, Poland on 17-22 June 2013. The ISPA Academy (17-18 June), an intensive two day arts administration programme at the Wrocław 2013 ISPA Congress, will focus on the predominant challenges facing arts professionals in the surrounding region. Through seminars and collaborative discussions, accomplished and innovative leaders in the performing arts will share their knowledge and insights. Congress delegates registered for a Full Pass may attend the ISPA Academy free of charge and all individuals may purchase a registration to the ISPA Academy for 50 USD.

17 June 2013: The Academy Day I

SESSION I | Artist Managers of the 21st Century

The role of mangers has been dynamically changing over the last years due to new challenges and market reality. What are the crucial traits/qualities of a good artist manger? What is his/hers role in creative process and building international career of an artist? What is the difference between artist manager and an agent? In this opening session we will be focusing on a role of artist managers in today’s world.

SESSION II | Cultural Networks

Despite technological advancements, networking remains the most important element of working successfully in the arts. Building strong and healthy relationships with partners is often facilitated through cultural networks. Participants will explore different types of networks in this session. Why is it important to be an active member of those networks? What is their role in activating creative collaborations of their members? How do you choose which networks are appropriate for you?

SESSION III | Business of the Arts

Art means business but which business model best suits your objectives and creative work. Long time theatrical producers John Causebrook and Tony Field will discuss commercial and not-for-profit models as well as their professional experience on both sides of the Atlantic.

18 June 2013: The Academy Day II

During the second day of the academy participants will be diving into more practical aspects of the performing arts business. They will be exploring six main topics in breakout session format.

WORKSHOP I | International Touring

In this workshop challenges, traps and insights into international touring will be discussed through anecdotal and practical hands on examples.

WORKSHOP II | Art of Negotiation

No matter what you do in the arts, at some point you will be in a negotiation. Two ISPA board members will lead this session on successful negotiations.

WORKSHOP III | Balancing the Bottom Line

The challenge: how to match the dream artistic programme and the budgetary reality? This is an everyday struggle of every programmer and artistic director no matter what the organisation size. Participants will be looking for insights from both major arts institutions and more modestly sized companies.

WORKSHOP IV | Project Management and Planning

Planning is key to success whether planning a tour, mounting a production or implementing a new CRM. In this session participants will look at best practices in project management.

WORKSHOP V | How is it financed?

This workshop will investigate alternative models for revenue generation and project financing.

WORKSHOP VI | Whose show is it? The Issue of Ownership in the Digital Age

Technology and social media have significantly altered traditional distribution networks. The debate remains however; has this development had a significantly positive or negative impact on the arts and artists?

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