New on Festival Bytes: The Sadness of Nairobi

24 September 2013

In world terms the assault on the Westgate Centre in Nairobi is just another example of pointless slaughter by young men who believe that only they are right; another case of cruelty for sake of attention. Even I, the most liberal of humanists, find my tolerance of puritanical Islam wearing very thin indeed. You may wonder why I am posting this on a Festivals blog page. The reason is to pay tribute to the great Ghanaian poet, playwright and diplomat Kofi Awoonor. He had travelled to Nairobi to read at StoryMoja – Hay Festival Nairobi; one of the world network of literature festivals that take their name from the parent festival held in Wales each year in June. Performing at a festival should not cost an artist his life. Read the full blog by Simon Mundy on Festival Bytes.