New on Festival Bytes: Composing life

6 May 2014

Following a concert in the framework of MusMA (Music Masters on Air), the European Broadcasting Festival at the KlaraFestival in Brussels in March this year, the next event of MusMA took place in Ankara from 24-27 April, at the occasion of the Ankara International Music Festival. In four days and with five intense workshop sessions and two concerts, a stage was set for new compositions and composers to meet, exchange, and present their work: Can Bekir Bilir (proposed by the Ankara International Music Festival, Turkey), Orazio Sciortino (proposed by the Emilia Romagna Festival, Italy), Daan Janssens (proposed by the KlaraFestival, Belgium); Adrien Tsilogiannis (proposed by the Festival de Wallonie, Belgium), Mikolaj Majkusiak (proposed by the International Festival Wratislavia Cantans, Poland), and Jani Golob (proposed by the Ljubljana Festival, Slovenia). Read the full blog by Kathrin Deventer on Festival Bytes.