New on Festival Bytes: Being an alumnus of EFA’s Festival Academy

6 May 2014

In 2012 I participated in EFA’s Atelier for Young Festival Managers in Ljubljana. The wonderful 7-day meeting was at once a training, a networking event and a lab for developing new ideas. That experience has led me to the one I am writing about now. After 60 years of existence, EFA has extended its scope and founded The Festival Academy in 2013 – a global initiative for rethinking the role of festivals today and the future of festivals in culture. I was invited to take part in EFA’s “Sarajevo Conversations” (February 2014) – part of the annual meeting and general assembly, where over 100 delegates from leading festivals and cultural institutions in Europe met and discussed both practical and theoretical aspects of culture-making today. Read the full blog by Premshay Hermon on Festival Bytes.