New on Festival Bytes: From Festival of Fools to new trends in the festival landscape

20 May 2014

The past few months were rough for the Felix Meritis Foundation in Amsterdam. The Foundation went bankrupt in February this year due to a conflict of interest between the landlord and the Foundation. For quite a while there didn’t seem to be a clear future for the cultural house. After de Gemeente had bought the building for 5.3 million euros to take over the responsibilities from the owners of the building, a new foundation was established: Genootschap Felix Meritis / Felix Meritis Foundation will continue the activities and (international) projects of Felix Meritis. EFA is glad about these recent developments, and would like to share some insights into one of the last events with a focus on new trends in festivals. Read the full blog by Steve Austen, permanent fellow of Felix Meritis Foundation, on Festival Bytes.