EFFE Festival Label Application Deadline Extended

15 November 2014

EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, would like to thank all of the festivals that applied for the EFFE Festival Label. Over 2,500 festivals have registered and many have applied from all over Europe. We are looking forward to reading all of your thoughts on how festivals can be committed to the arts, involved in their local communities and have a European and global outlook.

We are very happy to have already received so many applications. But, due to further Festival Hubs only recently joining the project from several countries, increased last minute interest, and an overload on the server based on so many applications, we are extending the deadline for applications until 15 December 2014.

Many festivals from big to small, from music to digital arts, from east to west have already applied. We want all festivals across Europe to have the opportunity to join their ranks.

The application is simple and easy. In the first section, you are asked to provide your festival’s basic information. Following this section, you are asked to show your commitment to the core values of the EFFE platform: describing how your festival contributes to the advancement of artistic excellence, describing how your festival involves/benefits the community, and describing how your festival engages on the European and International stages.

We know that this extra time will give more passionate festivals from across Europe the chance to take part in the EFFE Festival Label. Don’t forget recipients of the EFFE Festival Label will be included in a high-visibility interactive festival guide, providing access to innumerable new and diverse audience members from Europe and beyond.

We look forward to reading your application as soon as possible, so if you have not done so already, please login now and finalize your application!