New on Festival Bytes: This Is About You And Me

5 March 2015

How to fall in love? More difficult: How to stay in love? These days, we tend to not be interested in the continuous, we tend to be bored by repetition, even when just apparent, of something – or someone’s personality – already known. Even when that known is of the order of the strange, of the unknown. Paradoxical, yes. It is like this in life as it is in dance. Our bodies, mind and feelings crave for acquiring something new at all times…


This is a love story. But one that is passionate about the idea of time going by and growing old together, not in the vertiginous search for the new, and the new, and the new. This is a love story of time passing by and relations becoming deeper and the questions raised being more profound, more under the skin, giving more attention to details. This is a love story which is a rebellion against how easy it is to give up. It is nourished by the past that also questions the ‘relation’ in itself. And, most of all, this is a love story that renders evident something specific of our days: a love story that needs a new language to express itself; and with that new language comes the need to name, to rename, or at least to play with the concept of naming. And naming can be verbal or gestural.

All this is about the fifth edition of the international dance festival GUIdance, which happened from 5 to 14 February 2015 in Guimarães, the city in the north of Portugal where the country was born.


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