New on Festival Bytes: Bend it like an Art Festival

23 March 2015

“I wanted a political festival and I got it,” said Olivier Py, devoted artist and the new director of the Festival d’Avignon, in an interview (Libération Newspaper, 4 July 2014, page 10) that I read just after I had arrived in Avignon last summer. Sometimes I go to Brussels. I always take a train and arrive at Brussels Central Station. The building, especially the main hall, is a nice example of Art Deco style: high ceilings with simplified geometrical forms. On the walls World War I is commemorated that is part of the city’s memory. On the opposite side you can find coffee shops and newspaper stores. During day time, the place is filled with a crowd of tourists mixed with locals rushing to school, work or home. Last time I arrived at the station the chaotic atmosphere was different.

There were police officers everywhere in the building. I felt my heart beat. The daily routine was interrupted by these new figures. I was thirsty and went to the newspaper store. Waiting in line, I noticed the new edition of the Charlie Hebdo humour magazine. The police, crowd, danger, illustrators…

Then I remembered.

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