Apply until 30 September for new Festival Production Management Training

24 June 2015

The Festival Production Management Training is a new format of The Festival Academy, an initiative of the European Festivals Association (EFA). It focuses especially on production management in terms of realising and implementing the vision of the artistic director. The training looks at the practical side of this process, with special attention given to working with artists. Participants will meet and exchange with experienced production managers and artists, including set designers, light designers, conductors, choir leaders etc. The training is set up as a long-term programme which explores all phases of producing an artistic work: a programme with 3 modules spread over a period of one or more year(s). Application deadline: 30 September 2015.

Make use of a unique opportunity to meet colleague production managers - young and new leaders - from various festivals. Exchange innovative ideas and create partnerships with your peers. And be guided by experienced production managers. The Festival Production Management Training enables you to discover new ways of working with artists and of handling the practical side of festival management.

The training for production managers consists of three modules:

  • Module I: a 3-day workshop with practical study visits and focus on the exchange of experiences
  • Module II: a 1-week practical, hands-on placement at a festival
  • Module III: a 2-day concluding session

Apply by 30 September 2015 for the first edition, with Module I in Antwerp, Belgium, 20-23 January 2016.

Festivals interested in hosting a 1-week placement are invited to contact The Festival Academy at

For more information visit: