New on Festival Bytes: How grateful we must be

14 August 2015

How grateful we must be, all those who are able to travel, to travel in space, to travel in time (the highest form of this travel must be the travel in our mind, in our souls without moving a centimetre even). At the point of writing, I am on a flight to Sofia to attend the Paper Art Fest set up and directed by Daniela Todorova and Todor Todorov, two fantastic artists and initiators of many movements in the arts in Sofia and way beyond. The flight inspired me to enter into a real travel of mind and approach the topic of innovation not in the way I probably was invited for by Daniela and Todor (from a European, comparative, festival related point of view), but rather from an inside versus outside point of view: innovation is inside of us, and it needs an outside view to take full shape. What do I mean? Read the full blog by Kathrin Deventer on Festival Bytes.