EFFE Guide offered at discount

3 December 2015

“The unique ability of festivals to draw a crowd that is curious to encounter ‘the other’ is as relevant as ever,” says Vincent Baudriller, President of the EFFE International Jury, in his introduction in the ultimate guide book for cultural festivals in Europe. The print publication is celebrating the festivals united in EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe. It contains both inspiring articles on festival life as well as essential details on each festival taking part in this platform - the 12 EFFE Award winners and the 760 festivals from 31 countries that were honoured with the EFFE Label. The EFFE Guide makes festivals’ information easily accessible to audiences, colleagues in the arts, artists, performing arts companies, public authorities at all levels, sponsors and the media.

Since its foundations in 1952, the European Festivals Association has brought the importance of arts and culture to society’s attention. The new EFFE programme is a next step in the Association’s work. It brings together festivals that are deeply committed to the arts, their communities and Europe in a new and dynamic platform and honours them with the EFFE Labels and EFFE Awards. EFFE recognises, enriches and celebrates the immense power and contribution the arts and festivals in particular can make to European society.

The richly illustrated full colour EFFE Guide will interest every culture lover and especially the audiences of festivals.

The book can be purchased at the price of €19,99. Until 31 December, the EFFE Guide is available at a discount:

  • 5-10 copies: 25% discount
  • 11-25 copies: 30% discount
  • 26-50 copies: 35% discount
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