Risk Assesment Tool

26 June 2016

If you’re preparing a performance, a tour or a whole festival you definitely have your own  check list of what you have to think of, what can be a risk and how to prepare in case something goes wrong! 

Now you can also use the OiRA tool, OiRA stands for European online interactive risk assessment tool! It’s a good way for both those who are experienced and those who are starting to compare their own check lists of risk assessment and be sure that nothing is overlooked. 

The OiRA tools are a cost-free and easy-to-use web applications to put in place a step-by-step risk assessment process. There is a special tool for productions / performances and one for venues and – extra good news for some of our Spanish members – la herramienta interactiva de evaluación de riesgos (OiRA) también existe en una versión castellano! Para producciones  y para recintos y salas.

Read more about OiRA here. And check out the promo animation