Call for theater plays for the "Little Ladies Little Gentlemen" International Children's Theatre Festival

28 September 2016

From 25 – 29 April 2017, Turkish State Theaters is organizing the 13th "Little Ladies Little Gentlemen" International Children's Theatre Festival. Besides main theatre performances, groups can also propose workshops and outdoor performances like street theatre, street events or dance shows. Past editions welcomed companies from France, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Romania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain and Turkey and leading experts conducted workshops throughout the festival week.

The festival takes place at the occasion of the Turkish National Sovereignty and Children's Day on 23 April. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, dedicated this day to the children of the country to emphasize that they are the future of the new nation.

Since 1979, the children of Turkey have shared this national holiday with the children of the world. Hundreds of children from different countries and cultures, hosted by families, meet in festivities to discuss, to interact, to learn about each other, and share the joy of togetherness and the hope for peace. The importance of this day is also recognized by UNICEF.

Since its foundation in 1949, Turkish State Theatre pays special attention to plays for children, and includes them in its repertoire, since children are not only our future, but also our future actors, actresses, directors, designers and audience... So they are the future of theatre.

Theater groups interested to participate can send a complete application form and a CD/VCD/DVD of the play by 1 January 2017. Here you will find more explanations and conditions about the application process.