The Festival Academy publishes Cahier de l’Atelier #2

21 June 2017

The Festival Academy together with the European Festivals Association (EFA) is proud to present “Cahier de l’Atelier #2”, the 7th publication of the EFA Books series. It celebrates 10 editions of the Atelier for Young Festival Managers since its creation in 2006 by EFA.

The Atelier is a training programme bringing together 45 young festival managers and 10 renowned festival directors addressing the artistic aspects of festivals management, focusing on the essence of festivals: art and the artists. Following the success of the Atelier, EFA set up The Festival Academy in 2012, a non-profit organization which runs this programme and has developed new formats such as the Festival Production Management Training.

This book is the opportunity to share the highlights of The Festival Academy activities and give an insight into these festival management trainings. It is also the occasion, after 10 years of experience, to share some thoughts, to think about the past editions and prepare both the festivals and the training programmes of the future.

The art of making a festival or simply experiencing it from the inside creates both fascination as well as passion. The Festival Academy always considers the bigger picture, that’s why the Ateliers do not only focus on just one feature of festivals such as programming, but they also take into account its connection partners, its context, the local community etc. It all plays a vital role in the festival’s success.

After Görlitz 2006, Varna 2009, Singapore & Izmir in 2011, Ljubljana 2012, Edinburgh and Poznan in 2014,  Beirut and Gwangju in 2015, Budapest and Chiang Mai in 2016, the next Ateliers will take place in Merano in November 2017 and in Johannesburg in March 2018. It is still possible to apply for these two upcoming editions (until June 30). These 7-days events are a unique training format and an amazing opportunity to exchange with young festival managers from all over the world.

The “Cahier de l’Atelier #2” book is for sale on our website.