Festival de Wiltz opened with a fresh outlook

1 July 2017

The Festival de Wiltz was created in Luxembourg in 1953 by a handful of people from Wiltz. It happens in a great castle, where a lot of events take place. The Festival is the main attraction for international artists and the perfect opportunity for connoisseurs and amateurs to discover a new way of entertainment. In 1991, a removable roof was installed to cover the main part of the scene, protect the visitors from bad weather conditions and provide an extraordinary acoustic during the performances. The Festival has developed into a crowd puller, especially for opera, ballet and musical.

On the occasion of its 65th edition the Festival de Wiltz presents its brand new get-up and a fresh outlook.

In October 2016 the festival became part of Culture Wiltz asbl, the platform responsible for coordinating cultural events in the town of Wiltz. COOPERATIONS asbl has been commissioned by Culture Wiltz asbl to organise the festival.

Danish singer and songwriter Agnès Obel opened the Festival on June 28. The Voyage Musical du Nil à l’Oural features artists from Luxembourg area who will perform pieces from Verdi to Abba. The Andalusian Flamenco Company of Seville will present its version of Carmen on July 14, and Das Dschungelbuch (Jungle Book) event will ravish children and families. The Photo exhibition celebrating the festival’s 65th anniversary will be open from July 1st to 31st.

Find more information on the festival’s website.