Sponsoring and advertising - EFA 2005 and 2006 Brochure

19 January 2005

The Brochure of the European Festivals Association 2005 and 2006 The year 2005 announces a whole new brochure. More than anywhere we, at the EFA, feel the necessity to follow the newest communication and publicity techniques and possibilities. This is why our classical EFA brochure is evolving towards a booklet in which all members of our association – being 94 individual members, 11 national associations and 4 associated members in 35 countries in Europe and across its borders - will be presented individually. The lay-out will be fresh and new: an A5 format to be used separately, but also fitting in a new EFA shell folder (A4 format). The EFA publication will be used for 2 years – 2005 and 2006 - and will be printed in a larger amount: 100.000 copies. Our members will distribute this brochure amongst their public, their local press and cultural partners, their governmental organizations, etc. Moreover, for the launching of the new EFA brochure an international press campaign will be planned; presentation of this publication is scheduled at the end of March 2005. Next to this booklet, our already refreshed and excellently working website will be improved continuously and know a more extended use. We herewith offer you the possibility to insert your advertisement in the EFA booklet. The possibilities are more elaborate than the previous years. Your input in our new publication can be the following: • An advertisement in our booklet. Dimension: 18 cm x 10 cm. Price (advertisement): 4.500,-€. • In addition to the advertisement, possibility to let your logo figure on the shell folder. Price (advertisement + logo shell folder): 5.250,-€. • You also have to possibility to let your logo (with a few phrases of presentation) figure on our website (with link to your website). Price (advertisement + logo shell folder + logo, presentation and link website + logo and 1 sentence press presentation): 6.000,-€ You see that, if you choose this option, your logo with a presentation of 1 sentence, will figure on our international press presentation at the end of March 2005. As our association has a direct contact with a lot of interested parties for your product, we understand that you might have some own propositions of collaboration, which we are looking forward to obtain from you. All technical details can be forwarded to you at your earliest convenience. The deadline for the input of your material is February 10th 2005. We hope to receive your choice of collaboration soon. As you already know, we are no longer in Switzerland. You can reach us at Kasteel Borluut – Kleine Gentstraat 46 – B-9051 Gent (Belgium) – or mail us