The renewed Mittelfest: an interesting blend of styles, genres, high and popular culture

7 June 2018

31 creative projects, 4 world premieres, 18 Italian primes, 20 European countries: Mittelfest, in the new direction of Haris Pašović, becomes the focal point of Central Europe and the Balkans.
This year the homage is to the generation of the new millennium, with innovative, energetic, multimedia projects.

Mittelfest 2018 presents itself with a new face: energetic, young, original, and returns to the international vocation of its origins. This is how the new artistic director Haris Pašović, Sarajevo's award-winning theater director, wanted it, and he inaugurates his three-year term with a program entitled to the Millennials, the young people of the new millennium.

On stage in Cividale del Friuli from 5 to 15 July, Mittelfest 2018 cleverly blends styles, genres, high and popular culture, and opens up to a diverse audience and increasingly current perspectives, proposing itself as an artistic focal point of Central Europe and Balkans.

"Creating a common ground for European identity. Mental openness, international spirit, re-evaluation of local cultures, European values, respect for human rights and freedom of expression, dialogue, seriousness, wonder, joy, adventure, creative energy: these are the fundamental points of Mittelfest ", explains the artistic director.

To best express this momentum, Mittelfest also presents itself with a new symbol that perfectly summarizes the legacy of the past addressed to the future. The new logo, reminiscent of the past but becomes a clean graphic sign, was designed by the Mashoni studio in Ljubljana.

In numbers, Mittelfest this year will have 31 artistic projects, 18 musical, 7 theatrical, 3 dance, 2 events and 1 dance project for children: for 4 world premieres, 18 Italian premieres, 30 regional premieres. Over 500 artists and crews will be at Cividale, from over 20 countries.

Of course Mittelfest is also its land: it is a network of public, artists, guests, citizens and a network of hotels, restaurants and cafes, in one of the most renowned lands of Italy and its history and its flavors.

Coming to the program, among the guests there are big international names and irreverent shows, for 10 days of theater, dance, music never seen before in Italy.


One of the best German theaters - the Thalia Theater in Hamburg - brings to Mittelfest 2018 an extraordinary show: "Hunger" by Emil Zola, a French classic directed by Luk Perceval, one of the most important European directors of today. From Germany also the work of the Deutsches Theater Berlin "Tigermilk" by the acclaimed Polish director Wojtek Klemm, a unique theater in Europe that has developed a Junges DT program focusing on young people and on issues related to today's youth. Then there will be the most awarded show in the Balkans from Croatia - "Hinkemmann" by Ernst Toller, directed by Igor Vuk Torbica, a young and talented director. From Slovenia, "Heros 2.0" is a truly "Millennial" piece by the company Moment Production Maribor. The Italian theater will be represented by Ricci/Forte, the most acclaimed Italian theatrical artists internationally with a new creation entitled “Tamerlain”, and by Nicola Borghesi, young revelation of the Italian theater, founder of the company Kepler - 452 with "The Garden of the Cherry Blossoms" by Anton Chekhov. The Director Pasovic will be present with the Bosnian multi awarded show “What would you give your life for?”, staged with millennials actors of Bosnia Erzegovina and Serbia.


Adrienn Hod, considered one of the most innovative and surprising European choreographers, and his ensemble Hodworks in Budapest will present two very different proposals: their latest work

"Sunday" and a solo show for four fantastic "Solos" dancers. Josef Nadj, a legendary European choreographer, will present his new production "Dark Union" at Mittelfest 2018, produced by the famous Slovenian company En Knap.


The classical music of Millennials brings to Mittelfest 2018 a famous clarinetist member of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Andreas Ottensamer, who will play along with the phenomenal Kelemen Quartet; Francesca Aspromonte, soprano, is a rising Italian star. He will hold a concert with Boris Begelman, an explosive Russian violinist, and Arsenale Sonoro, an international ensemble. Martynas Levickis is a Lithuanian revelation, a virtuoso of the accordionist who is conquering the world's stages. After major successes in Seoul, London, Berlin, Hong Kong, Riga, Vilnius and others, Martynas Levickis and his Mikro Orkestra will play in Cividale del Friuli. Kornel Mundruczo, the most acclaimed Hungarian film and theater director (awarded at the Cannes Film Festival), will present an innovative show proposal that combines classical music with a video and a narration for Schubert's "Winterreise" performed by an excellent orchestra Hungarian - the Danube Orchestra. Another international director - Jasmila Zbanic (Golden Bear for Best Film at the International Film Festival in Berlin) works with Aliser Sijaric, a Bosnian composer, in a multimedia work "Razor Wire". Marta Gornicka, the most sought after Polish director, presents her theatrical piece of contemporary music "Hymn to Love", interpreted by a chorus of incredible power. A very special concert will be played by the Ljubljana International Orchestra and by some Italian musicians from the Sarajevo Philharmonic in the concert called "Ragazzi del '99", dedicated to the famous generation of young Italian soldiers of the First World War.


One of the innovations of Mittelfest 2018 is the series of concerts of artistic and at the same time popular music. This program will include some of the most exciting artists and groups such as Mudimbi, this year's Sanremo hip-hop revelation; Barcelona Gypsy Balkan Band - a famous band of world music; Dunkelbunt and DJ Dunkelbunt - an Austrian band full of energy and joy; Džambo Augusevi - a Macedonian brass band that made a spectacular concert at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples and DJ Doro Gjat and Carnicats, popular artists of Friuli’s hip-hop with their new work. And again 47Soul, a hip-hop band formed in London with members from Palestine and Jordan specialized in shamstep style; Simphiwe Dana from South Africa, a singer from Xhosa who has become one of the main voices in Africa today mixing jazz, soul, blues and gospel.