Festival Production Management Training 2019, apply by 30 September

26 July 2018

The deadline for the Festival Production Management Training is extended to 30 September 2018 in order to give more production managers the chance to apply

The training is set up as a long-term programme which explores all phases of producing an artistic work: a programme with 3 modules spread over a period of one or more year(s).

  • Module I: a 4-day workshop with panel discussions, practical study visits and focus on the exchange of experiences, taking place in Antwerp, Belgium, from 16-19 January 2019, hosted by deSingel International Arts Campus. Young production managers from all over the world will meet and exchange with experienced production managers. 
  • Module II: a practical, hands-on placement at a festival (minimum one week) 
  • Module III: a 3-day concluding session

Join a unique new network

All participants of the training programmes of The Festival Academy will become part of a unique global network of young festival makers and production managers that counts 585 alumni from  more than 80 countries and all continents to date, after 14 Ateliers for Young Festival Managers since 2006 in Görlitz, Varna, Singapore, Izmir, Ljubljana, Edinburgh, Poznan, Beirut, Gwangju, Budapest, Chiang Mai, Merano, Johannesburg and Gothenburg, one Atelier for Young Festival and Cultural Managers in Shanghai, 2017, and three editions of the Festival Production Management Training (2016, 2017, 2018).