Do you have research data linked to gender equality issues?

13 August 2018

Wom@rts is a project supported by Creative Europe which pursues women’s equal share presence in the Arts and Culture, in terms of visibility, promotion and access to the market.

Wom@rts aims to highlight and support the creativity of women from a cross-sectoral perspective within different subsectors of the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs). As a large-scale cooperation project that has started a few months ago, the partners are organising a wide range of complementary activities (residences, roaming exhibitions, Masterclasses, training courses, participation in festivals, etc.) that will last till the end of 2022.

At the moment there is a lack of homogeneous data and statistics around the participation of women in the cultural life, therefore Wom@arts is drafting a cross-sectoral European Diagnosis and research work. They are currently gathering information from different public and private sources, secondary data, existing works, etc. 

If your festival or cultural organisation has any data or research linked to gender equality issues that could help them to develop their research, please contact the Wom@rts Research Team:

Hay Festivals is one of the Wom@arts partners and develops activities during the next editions of the festival tackling gender inequality by supporting their presence in the field from a cross-sectoral perspective, promoting a wide range of mobility actions, knowledge, tools, training activities and events.

Find out more about their activities here: