Edinburgh International Culture Summit runs from 22 to 24 August 2018

21 August 2018

On 22 August the Edinburgh International Culture Summit kicks off. Every two years since 2012, the Summit works as a platform where Culture Ministers, artists and thinkers share opinions and best practices to influence positively cultural policies worldwide.

Differences between people and places will be explored during the 2018 Edinburgh Culture Summit, in the context of the Edinburgh International Festival.

The core themes of the discussions, which will be enriched by several workshops, speakers and delegates from more than 40 countries, are:

  • "Culture in a Networked World", artists and culture in general are the vehicle to teach respect among people coming from different places, with different traditions. The first speaker announced for this session is Fairouz Nishanova, the Director of the Aga Khan Music Initiative.
  • "Culture and Wellbeing", the discussion will be around culture as an essential factor to the health of human beings and the society. Assal Habibi, Professor of Psychology and Théogène Niwenshuti Rwandan Choreographer and Dancer, will be the firsts speakers.
  • "Culture and Investment", the aim of this panel is to find a way to fairly divide public funding among individual artists, creative communities, and buildings; “What are the priorities?” Questions as such will be answered by the speaker Richard Sennett, Founder and Chair of the Advisory Committee of Theatrum Mundi.

It is also interesting that the Director of the Culture Summit, Jonathan Mills and Ong Keng Sen, speaker during the Summit debate, are two of the nine members of the EFFE International Jury, which choose the winner of the EFFE Label and which Festival participate to the EFFE Awards.

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