Let yourself go with the flow of the Ghent Flanders Festival

21 August 2018

On Saturday 15 September 2018, the 16th edition of OdeGand will open the cultural season of the Ghent Flanders Festival.  This music festival is set to shake Ghent to its foundations—all day long and into the night—with 60 indoor and open-air concerts at over 15 great venues. Discover the full programme.


OdeGand is a unique festival concept with something for everyone: from the faithful OdeGan(d)ers of the early days to the casual passer-by. Wandering by the many cultural-historical gems of Ghent, you’ll find yourself licking your lips awaiting and enjoying the great acts. Let yourself go and enjoy any of the numerous truly surprising music genres ranging from world music to pure classical music. You can travel from one concert to the other on foot, by taxi bike or by the handy canal boats. Unlimited pleasure awaits, all day long and especially in the evening when we illuminate the Graslei and Korenlei with a concert on the water and an exceptional light and firework show. Let your cultural season get underway with a bang at OdeGand! 

At OdeGand it’s you who puts together your own musical menu, with a choice of more than 60 concerts at superb locations in Ghent’s city centre. Besides the many indoor concerts, musical treats await you outdoorstoo: the rhythm of your day is yours to decide. A handy programme will help you to decide who to see, where and when!

Musical highlights

OdeGand gives every visitor the chance to put their own musical programme together. To save somewhat on the stress of having to make choices, here are some highlights to consider. 
The full programme on:

One of the highlights is undoubtedly the fairy-tale Peer Gynt Suite in Muziekcentrum De Bijloke. Soprano Liesbeth Devos and the Flanders Symphony Orchestra lead you into the mysterious world of the Norwegian Peer Gynt. Inspired by the numerous mischievous acts of this mythical figure, Edward Grieg wrote his now-renowned and almost cinematic score. Close your eyes and let Peer Gynt come to life!

Another outstanding performance is the Argentinian Luciana Jury in the Groenzaal, whose voice transcends our known world. At one moment intense and strident, at the next jaw-droppingly clear. Just one person on the stage, yet she’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

The Saint Anna Church also opens its doors to all! Here you can sit back and enjoy the melting sounds of the strings of the Polyphony chamber orchestra (Israel). The fusion of many disparate voices into a new whole, this is indeed Polyphony in a nutshell. In a divided country like Israel that is also their mission: bringing together the Jewish, Christian and Arabic traditions via music.

Three gentlemen who will be on your must-see list are from the Fado Ao Centro from Coimbra (Portugal): there’s Fado and then there is Fado. The Fado de Coimbra is an entirely different order than the better-known Fado from Lisbon. Even those who are not familiar with the language are immediately drawn into the emotional intensity of this timeless music. Using his own lyrics, new instruments and above all his unique warm voice, João Farinha breathes new life into the traditional genre of Fado.

Another ensemble that you shouldn’t miss: the six singer-musicians of L’Alba (Corsica). A unique blend of pure polyphonic singing, Mediterranean sounds and an impressive variety of instruments—that’s L’Alba’s magic formula that does full justice to Corsica in all its authenticity. From the very first note, their bewitching voices and eclectic instruments will find their way into your hearts!

And finally, Isolde Lasoen will add that extra verve to the closing show on the Graslei & Korenlei. This power woman will pull out all the stops with the added input of the CASCO Phil strings to her band. They’ll perform gems from her latest album Cartes Postales, and none will be able to resist the seductive French songs and the fabulous strings. And if, after all this, you add the 60 youthful voices of BEvocaL and Toonkunst Rotterdam, you’ll be buzzing from your head right down to your little toe!