Tandem for Culture - Tandem Al Emarat

18 September 2018

EFA member Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation launch the Tandem Programme in UAE together with European Cultural Foundation and MitOst. The Tandem programme is a one-year collaborative project which allows people working in culture and civil society to dedicate themselves to a common project which could be of different kinds, according to their own interests and talents. Sharing expertise and learning from one another are only few of the benefits of participating to this cross-national initiative.

Tandem Al Emarat provides hands-on possibilities for getting real insights into the cultural scenes in the 7 Emirates. Participants will gain practical experience by collaborating within rapidly changing fields in the UAE.

Apply here before 14 October 2018

About Tandem

The emergence of creative communities, of a common language,  as well as the increase of empathy and the reduction of stereotypes are the founding reasons which support the programme. There are currently six Tandem programmes which focus on different topic and regions. During this year, knowledge and experiences are shared through the contact with new communities. The programme acts on different levels, offering professional development to individuals, as well as supporting organisational change processes and creating a space to experiment with innovative ideas.

There are different steps to take to  take part to the project, either as an individual or as an organisation. Everything starts from the “Call for applications”, where participants are selected based on their organisational capacities, curiosity and matching potential. During the “Partner Forum”, participants are invited to find a partner to start working on a collaboration project and decide on how to organise their placement. It will be during the "Kick-off Meeting" that the selected participants follow workshops to help prepare for their upcoming placements, and work on the planning of their collaboration project. It is worthy to know that participants receive a grant to spend a working visit that they have planned at their partner’s organisation, because the placements are key in the Tandem programme. It is required by all projects to have an experimental and intercultural character, exploring local practices in the partners’ locations. The project's climax  is reached during the “Final Meeting”, when all participants share the collaboration outcomes through presentations of the realised exchange processes.

The Tandem Programme was co-created by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and MitOst e.V. (Berlin) in 2011 and has so far brought together around 400 independent cultural organisations and supported the professional development of over 320 cultural managers coming from more than 160 cities and 35 countries in wider Europe. Today it is also possible have partners for the United Emirates.

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