DiscoverEU Stakeholder Meeting

17 October 2018

#DiscoverEU is a brilliant initiative taken by the European Parliament and the European Commission: it is an invitation to 15.000 18-year olds to travel to European cities and get to know the space of the European Union. The initiative was launched earlier this year and many EFA members already offered travelers the chance to attend their festivals. 

The stakeholders meeting on 17 October in Brussels with Commissioner Navracsics, Sabine Verheyen (MEP), Istvan Ujhelyi (MEP) and 40 organisations in particular from the youth and tourism sector showed the eagerness to support and engage in this initiative also in the next years and to contribute to develop this platform into an open, inclusive and impactful action for all young Europeans. The next round of application kicks off November 2018.

What EFA as the only arts / cultural organisation together with Europa Nostra around the table can contribute is to bring the notion of Europe as a cultural space into the project. The diversity of European cities is felt so strongly through its arts festivals who welcomed already in the pilot phase of the project some young Europeans behind the stage, for performances, for encountering artists etc.

Our spring, summer, autumn and winter festivals are looking forward to open their doors to the next wave of youngsters to make the most of this informal learning experience. Please write us if you would like to receive more information and check out more the press release here