Cities for Europe Meeting Berlin

9 November 2018

The European Festivals Association was at the Cities for Europe meeting in Berlin on 9 November to discuss possible ways of collaboration between municipalities and civil society stakeholders to shape a bottom-up urban agenda and a European community.

With the aim to propose concrete topics and methods of collaboration and new models of dialogue and exchange between cities and civil society, the meeting concluded with the intention to shape a progressive agenda and present it to other cities to join.

Arts festivals play an important role in the urban environment as they offer a platform for conversations and dialogue which often lead to a stronger sense of community and belonging. Arts create windows for reflection and interest in the other: the other that is our neighbour, our friends, other cultures. strong artistic and cultural activities should be taken up and developed further in collaboration with city authorities in a sustainable way.

With Cities for Europe and EFA’s contribution, we aim to develop further festivals’ role in citizenship development, urban development and cultural tourism. Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe and its new is among many other initiatives of EFA an invitation to all city mayors to support their festivals in being part of a European community and offer their arts to audiences worldwide. Also the Arts Festivals Summit in Lisbon in 2019 will dedicate parts of its conversations to this topic.

Download more details on the programme and A European Urban Agenda.

Doris Pack, former Member of the European Parliament expressed her support for EFA's initiative: 

"Europe is a continent of festivals. and we want everyone to know and enjoy this strong asset. I  call all arts festivals across Europe to register on the new let us together bring the arts to audiences worldwide. Don't wait, go to"