Klarafestival kicks off 14 March!

5 March 2019

From 14 to 29 March the Klarafestival takes place in different venues in Brussels. It’s the last edition under the direction of Hendrik Storme (Artistic Director) and Sophie Detremmerie (Managing Director). This year’s festival theme is Libera me.

Free of any form of physical or mental constraint, duress, morality or attachment. Maybe that is what ultimately drives humankind. So liberation: a theme at the centre of many a musical composition but also a concept associated with the way we think about music and art in general.

But what does ‘liberation’ still mean in our time? Who or what may offer deliverance in times of fear and growing unbelief? Technology maybe? Or weapons? Money? Love? Art?

Inspired by the mythical figure of Faust, who sells his body and his soul to the Devil in

exchange for infinite knowledge and pleasure but then soon regrets it and finds himself begging for salvation, Klarafestival 2019 focusses on salvation and the battle between good and evil that often precedes it.

On the programme for you are religious and secular works that prompt reflection on moral dilemmas and the desired pardon that results from having succumbed to temptation. We will furthermore be staging several compositions of the Faust legend, some of which lead to the redemption hoped for while others serve up an equally cursed fate for Faust.