Claudio Abbado prolongs his agreement with the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA

2 February 2005

The LUCERNE FESTIVAL Foundation and Maestro Claudio Abbado have agreed to prolong their co-operation regarding the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA till 2010. Claudio Abbado will, therefore, continue as Chief Conductor and Musical Director of LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA within the scope of LUCERNE FESTIVAL, SOMMER, as well as on tours abroad. In addition to those in Lucerne, residencies are also scheduled at Parco della Musica in Rome (October 2005), Suntory Hall in Tokyo (October 2006) and Carnegie Hall in New York (October 2007). The prolongation of the agreement is to assure the artistic continuity of the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA that was established with such success in the summer of 2003 and to expand the recognition of its name on the international stage.