Update on our first Atelier days in Valletta

25 March 2019

The 15th Atelier for Young Festival Managers was launched Saturday 23 March in Valletta / Malta bringing together a group of 32 festival managers from 20 countries and all continents with experts coming from all over the world and a diverse range of fields of action, such as Robyn Archer, Luiz Coradazzi, Faisal Kiwewa, Roy Luxford, Brett Pyper, Shahidul Alam, Mike Van Graan, that has now dived into an intense conversation on the role of festivals in our contemporary world.

The tone of the Atelier was set by an opening provocation by Time Magazine’s Person of the Year 2018, award-winning photographer, teacher, writer and human right activist Shahidul Alam, and you as well will soon have the chance to be inspired with the video of his speech which we will share in the coming days, as well as the welcome words of Annabelle Stivala (Director Festivals Malta), Albert Marshall (Executive Chairman Arts Council Malta), Inge Ceustermans (Managing Director The Festival Academy).

In the meantime follow the Atelier Valletta on our Facebook page where pictures and news about the Atelier is being shared.

The Atelier Valletta is organised by The Festival Academy (an initiative of the European Festivals Association) in partnership with Festivals Malta.