Final version of the EFA 2005/2006 Brochure and the poster online NOW!

21 February 2005

Dear EFA member, The EFA 2005 / 2006 Brochure is almost on its way to you! The editing of your inputs for the Brochure has been closed. Thank you for your kind collaboration which has been - in most of the cases - very fruitful! Please have a look at it! You will be provided with a sufficient number of copies as well as with a colourful EFA poster that underlines the main idea of our Brochure: to present and expose our highly distinguished EFA members unified in one European Festivals family! As announced in our Newsletter Nr. 2/2005, the next steps are as follows: - A final version of the EFA Brochure is now available on EFAextra; - The translation to French will be finalized on 25 February; - Printing of the brochure will start soon; - Distribution of the brochure will begin from mid-March onwards. Your comments on the final version have to be communicated to the EFA Secretariat at the latest on Thursday, 24 February! We also would like to know from you how many copies you would like to receive! We have reserved 100 copies for each member. If you would like to have more (or less) copies, please let us know as soon as possible. Being sure that you will appreciate our fresh and young EFA 2005 and 2006 Brochure, the EFA Secretariat wishes you all the best for next years’ seasons.