The Festival Academy joins forces with The International Cities of Refuge Network

3 October 2019

ICORN and The Festival Academy join forces in the project Act for Global Change: A Global Conversation between from the Arts and to the World (ACT), thanks to the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. During the period of 2019 – 2021 writers and artists related to ICORN have the opportunity to be selected to take part in one of the training programmes in the arts festival context organised by The Festival Academy.

The Festival Academy offers training formats on festival management to young, dynamic and passionate festival makers worldwide starting from the arts and the artist. The Festival Academy shares, exchanges and disseminates know-how on artistic programming and festival management. Through empowering a new generation of leaders and generating transnational professional opportunities for festival makers, it develops and sustains a network of festival leaders worldwide wherein capacity building and internationalisation are key.

The project entitled Act for Global Change: A Global Conversation from the Arts to the World (ACT) has the ambitious goal to build bridges between different fields of actions, being the artistic, social, political and business world. To this, it aims in a first phase to enable and facilitate a global inclusive conversation and critical reflection between festival managers from different art disciplines, origins, generations and social backgrounds on the role that arts, culture and more particularly festivals, can play in a fast changing world. The strategy towards reaching positive change consists of a series of new training modules, digital toolkits and a fund system for refugees. In a world increasingly polarized by inequality and lack of intercultural dialogue, ACT contributes towards more cultural diplomacy and informed, skilled leaders and activists with global perspectives, acting in solidarity to effect change on the local, regional, national, and international level.

Opportunities for ICORN residents

ACT gives the opportunity to artists related to ICORN to be selected to take part in the training programme in the arts festivals’ context organized by The Festival Academy. Participants will be selected by the selection committee of The Festival Academy in partnership with ICORN. The Creative Europe programme enables ICORN and the Atelier to support the participation for two ICORN artists in residency in Europe per training. ICORN will also be represented in the Ateliers to share knowledge about the work and world of ICORN. 

More information can be found here.