Danny Yung - Experimental art pioneer, influential artist, Founding member and Co-Artistic Director Zuni Icosahedron - Hong Kong

31 October 2019

Danny Yung, an experimental art pioneer and one of the most influential artists in Hong Kong, will join the Atelier NEXT as a mentor too. He co-founded and directs Zuni Icosahedron, a highly esteemed experimental theatre in Hong Kong.

Yung is a polyhedric artist as in the last 40 years he has been involved in diverse artistic fields, including theatre, cartoon, film, video, and visual and installation art. Under the influence of the Western performing arts tradition he created the commissioned theatre work by Hong Kong Arts Festival, Tears of the Barren Hill which reflects on the innovation of traditional Chinese theater and the institution of cultural exchange. Thanks to this work, he won the Music Theatre NOW Award given by the International Theatre Institute of UNESCO.

He also keeps a close watch on the arts and cultural policy and education development in Hong Kong as well as in the Asia Pacific regions.

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