We are happy to share Fanny Guillaut-Martin's thoughts on the Atelier NEXT

29 November 2019

One of the main aims of The Festival Academy is to create spaces of exchange and reflection and this is why we are very happy to share Fanny Guillaut-Martin's thoughts on the Atelier NEXT, which took place two weeks ago in the Eurometropolis region.

Fanny, founding Director of Art of Festivals - Canada, writes that At the Atelier, I met organisers working with a wide range of disciplines and concepts [.....] and in contexts new to me (Lebanon, Australia, Egypt, Brazil, rural Austria…). We didn’t just present the marketing fluff at each other; we got deep into our issues, successes, motivation, moments of doubt. As well as expanding my factual knowledge and gaining key contacts, I got to practise building trust and intimacy. 

She also pointed out how the Festival Atelier NEXT turned out to be an exercise in bridging cultures, generations, hierarchical positions, guests and hosts, managers and artists. We flexed our participation muscles; critically considered our position, power and privilege.

Thanks to Fanny for these inspiring words.  You can find the whole article here and if you also took part in the Atelier NEXT and want to share your experience, send it to !