Romaeuropa, an action for the near future

22 April 2020

Romaeuropa Fondazione has published a statement on their website yesterday, 21 April 2020.  The festival has unveiled its programme as it would normally do, knowing that there is a probability that it will not happen in its actual format. Still Romaeuropa is committed to support the artists, the show-business workers the best it can. A beautiful and inspiring message that we decided to publish on our website for other festival makers and festival lovers! 

The dramatic situation we are experiencing leads to difficult questions about our future. We are aware of how right in this moment the priority is to stand alongside those who are suffering and those who are at the forefront of the Covid-19 emergency, amid the hard decisions that have been made in the past few weeks.

At the usual time in April when the press conference of our 35th edition was scheduled, we deem important to publish the programme as we conceived and built it, in the months preceding the crisis, together with the artist, institutions and partners that support us. We wish for it to be a sign of presence and hope for the artists and the public, a vision of the world that we have imagined as an important sign of cultural and international dialogue, at the exact time when the virulence of the pandemic has made it necessary to close borders and to stop people’s mobility.

We do not know how-or indeed if-we will be able to welcome and present all the projects and shows planned for this year, but we are viewing this as an opportunity to commit ourselves to working immediately, in order to guarantee an alternative horizon in the immediate future and certainty for the following year. We will do everything in our power to support the community of artists, as well as show-business workers we collaborate with, always placing safety conditions - including for the public as transmitted by public authorities in the coming months - as a priority. In the event social distancing measures and partial restriction of the international mobility would be reconfirmed, it goes without saying that we shall look for every possible way to renew our presence through other formats and to be able to contribute to the restoration of normality back to our communities and to our country.

Above all this is a time for solidarity.
We will meet again, for the thirty-fifth time in the fall-perhaps in a different way but, always with the same desire to be together.

Download the programme

(Text from Romaeuropa Fondazione: