Atelier for Solidarity

22 June 2020

The Festival Academy is delighted to announce that 58 participants from 41 countries took part of the Atelier for Solidarity which was organized online from June 14 to June 20, 2020. 

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While we are still trying to grasp what is going on here and now with most of us in quarantine or going into lockdown while we speak, we are simultaneously trying to understand what this may mean for the future of the arts, festivals and society as a whole. This training aims at exploring in-depth some key questions and provocations formulated during bi-weekly alumni working group meetings since half March 2020.

We find courage and creativity with each other to take this crisis as an opportunity to dare and re-imagine a world affected by COVID-19 . What are the key learnings from this crisis, for humanity as a whole, what do we want to see changed, how can the arts and festivals play a leading role in this transformation?

Participants of this mutual learning Atelier were able to share about the situation in their country, how this is impacting their festival and livelihood and the arts as a whole, their most pressing concerns and challenges, and any creative solutions they have come across or are pursuing.