Report: COVID-19 survey "Festivals’ needs and commitments"

30 June 2020

COVID-19 has hit all cultural and creative sectors and within the sector festivals particularly. 

Because festivals have their own specificities, we have conducted the survey “Festivals’ needs and commitments” from 7 April until 31 May 2020. The questionnaire helped us gather as much information as possible on the impact of this crisis at its very beginning and have an accurate picture of the festivals' situation.

The present report highlights the answers of 208 different festivals from 37 countries. We noticed that there are many question marks, unsafety and uncertainty about the consequences of this crisis and that federations play an important role for festivals.  The report covers diverse fields: the dimensions of damage and loss handling, but also silver linings like alternative solutions and positive legacies. Next to the conclusions, the report also includes recommendations for the future. 

Today, we need all festivals’ stakeholders to assume the major task of emphasising the necessity of the arts in our lives and to commit to their revival. We all have a role to play, so go for it.

DOWNLOAD THE REPORT of the survey: “Festivals’ needs and commitments”.

Festivals and cultural operators will stand at the forefront of overcoming the fears and reinstating belief in the need for real-life human interaction and international exchange - that's what culture is all about!” (UK)

We believe that Culture can be the engine for every new day.” (CZ)

After COVID, culture is essential to heal the wounds of our society, give it a re-start and bring back discussions, visions and actions on a democratic, collective, humanistic and cultural future.” (PT)

Thank you EFA for continuing to offer opportunities for festivals to share knowledge and good practice, and bring us all together.” (PL)

We need all help - also from the European level. You [EFA] could make the difference in this moment when borders and minds are closing...” (FI)