New EFA 2005 / 2006 Brochure published

21 March 2005

The European Festivals Association (EFA) published its re-styled version of the EFA Brochure 2005/2006 in March 2005. At a glance, the bi-annual booklet individually introduces all members of this major European network of arts festivals. Approximately 90 music, theatre and dance festivals, 12 national festivals associations, and four cultural colleague-networks across Europe and beyond shortly outline their activities, inspiring everybody to learn more about these significant art events. The EFA image-brochure also includes all necessary information to get in contact with the Association and to find out more about the up-to-date programmes, events and services of each member. The Brochure is distributed among all members, cultural partners worldwide, governmental organizations, political groups at different levels, the tourist sector and in the framework of international congresses, meetings etc. Have a look at the right hand of this page and download the EFA Brochure 2005 / 2006 which is available in English as well as in French. Run over the leaves of this fresh and concise information dossier and you will find out: there is something for eveybody! You, the lover of the arts and you, as-of-yet perhaps the uninitiated: be encouraged to visit one or even more of our highly distinguished festivals! Take note of their individual, original and divers variety of art and culture which they have to offer every day, from January through to December!