19 March 2021

2020… EFA and the festival community we represent have not been standing still. EFA has been gathering its members during what became the traditional zoom meetings, connecting festivals makers, festivals and cities as well as other stakeholders online. 

Spontaneous reflections and perspectives during these 12 months on the arts, and artists works, on festivals’ role in the public space, on the value of physical meetings, on new digital formats and opportunities, on mobility, diversity and sustainability were developed and shared. They are highly relevant still.

Our brand new Chamber of Reflection is presenting some short video clips – statements, questions, thoughts… – picked up from our zoom meetings – get a glimpse of the sphere in our intro video here.

In 2021, we will focus on stories to share positive examples and inspiring initiatives lead by festivals under the name EFAcast. The EFAcasts will present what EFA Members are preparing for their 2021 editions through video interviews. We will also launch an invitation to festivals under the special edition of the EFFE Label 2021 to share their story of resilience and invention in 2020 in order to recognise and celebrate the necessary work achieved by festivals. 

Our work for the arts and artists is under continual construction...