New Head of PR and Communications at LUCERNE FESTIVAL

23 March 2005

We are pleased to announce that Ms Barbara Higgs will take over as head of PR and Communications at LUCERNE FESTIVAL from November 1, 2005. Ms Higgs worked, among other things, as press relations officer of the Vienna Festival and personal speaker and consultant of A Pereira at the Zurich Opera. From 2001 till March 2005, she managed the PR department at the Zurich Theatre. It will be possible to meet Ms Higgs in person during LUCERNE FESTIVAL, SOMMER 2005. Mr Michele Paparone will manage the press office in the interim until November and then continue as assistant and deputy to Ms Higgs within the LUCERNE FESTIVAL team. The PR team of LUCERNE FESTIVAL will continue to work in conjunction with Mary Lou Falcone, M.L. FALCONE Public Relations in New York.