35th Festival "Theatre City" from 10 July until 22 August

16 June 2021

The motto: "Revival"

In the period from 10 July to 22 August 2021, "Theatre City" will confirm once more its vocation as an international and multidisciplinary festival - theater, music, art and literature. During summer days, on the different scenes around the town, about 45 different programmes will be presented.

As a part of 35th Festival, we are proud to present a premiere of our theatre performance "Green felt of Montenegro" (Theatre City Budva/Belgrade Drama Theatre/City Theatre, Podgorica) , which is also our 76th  co-production. 

As a part of the theatre programme, we will present three performances that deserve great attention from the audience and the professional public, as an overview of our festival's productions that designated the period from 2018 to 2020. In addition to this, we will also present theatre performances from the country and the region.

As a part of the literature programme, we will present, for the first time our monography "The voice of virtue" dedicated to our cooperation with the famous theatre director Igor Vuk Torbica.

The programme of the festival is very plentiful and during these 43 nights, the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy various activities and performances from the country and the region. 

Check out the full programme here!

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