Divine Comedy Festival

9 November 2021

The 14th edition of the International Divine Comedy Theatre Festival will take place from 3 to 12 December under the motto POST TENEBRAS LUX

Divine Comedy is a theatre holiday where the best Polish shows are presented in the true Polish showcase. Apart from Polish shows, competing for the best show of the year title and the Divine Comedian prize, there are also foreign theatre groups, and meetings with philosophers, theatre theoreticians, and critics that accompany the festival.

The most dramatic part of the Festival is the Polish Contest INFERNO within which the  most provocative and exciting productions of the past season compete for the grand prize. “Inferno, comprises the most distinguished and widely discussed performances, that showcase the wide range of talents and artistic aspirations of Polish directors. Its main purpose is to present the diverse landscape of Polish theatre life as well as to expose audiences to the latest trends and areas of artistic exploration and experimentation that our directors have to offer,” enthuses Bartosz Szydłowski, Divine Comedy's Artistic Director. 

Theatre is more than just a space of entertainment in Poland. It is a crucial place for building identity and community discussion.  In the middle of a depressing landscape of the pandemic in Poland this festival had to turn into the opposite of that landscape and radiate with the power of faith in the values that politicians denied. An institution of culture should always emphasise the great potential of the human in overcoming all adversity.

They set off on an exploration of their imaginations, they spun idealistic tales that raise emotions in people and that bring them together in the symbolic dimension of the community. They have provided a powerful support, and they have brandished the banner of victory, even if only for a moment.

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